About Us


OpenDataDepot is a platform aimed at simplifying the way people access, share, analyse, and visualize data. It was designed by Forex Pares devs. We want to help its users leveraging the power of data to take better decision in life, at school and in business - OpenDataDepot wants to democratize the power of big data.


Access: OpenDataDepot offers a powerful search engine that spans multiple dataset and offers access to thousands of useful data series.


Share: An open platform on which people can store, search and retrieve structured and unstructured data to share publicly or privately. OpenDataDepot offers a simple interface access and modify data making it easy and intuitive for all users to leverage the power of big data.


Analyse: OpenDataDepot offers a simple but powerful platform to manipulate and conduct data analysis. For instance, users can compare data series, run regressions, build distributions and derive new data from existing ones. User can build complex model in a natural and emerging way by connecting multiple data sources together and republishing the new results back to the web.


Visualise: Build compelling visuals from complex data in a few clicks. Export visuals to images to use in your presentations or embed the charts directly into your websites.